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What People Say



There are people we meet on life’s journey who touch our lives in special ways and Jeremy Damec is one of those people.

Jeremy has an open, kind compassionate heart and the willingness to go deep into your soul to help you heal.

I was going through a tough time in my life and avoiding the painful feelings. During the sessions with Jeremy, I started to see how I was not letting them out so I could heal. 

Jeremy helped me to understand  that grief is not linear and that new feelings will come up at any time.  Even though I still had work to do, I felt much better after my sessions because I could finally see what I needed to do in order to move forward in my life. 

His work was very important to me—highly recommended!

- Sue

When I first became connected with Jeremy as a grief support resource in the months preceding my loss, I was immediately struck by his compassion as well as his background and experience.


Through my sessions with Jeremy, what emerged time and again was his steadfast ability to always be profoundly present with whatever was true for me in any moment and to hold my truths with no judgement whatsoever--only love and acceptance, even when I had none for myself in the midst of my devastating loss.


While all our sessions have been virtual, Jeremy was so focused and attentive during our work that I've always felt just as if we were sitting face to face. I believe his unique gift is the ability to reflect the best parts of myself and my abundant future to me, despite all the pain that has kept me anchored to a rocky past. Through my work with him, I have come to understand so much more of what is really true about myself. 


My loss, and this grief, will always be part of me. Thanks to the work I have done with Jeremy, I no longer fear it or what it means for my future. I highly recommend Jeremy's support to anyone experiencing grief or loss in any form.


- Sarah

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