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My name is Jeremy, and I hold space for you on your journey.

As a grief companion, I hold space for you in your grief journey. We are all different, as is our grief. My work is to be with you as you acknowledge, gain awareness, understand, and integrate this part of your life journey that has been forever changed by grief.

"May I be blessed in my work of service."
"May I be a blessing to whom all I serve."

~Jeremy E. Damec

Experiencing a death or loss can feel overwhelming.

I am here as a companion to journey with you.

Grief is a rite of passage that will shake you and strip you bare, and it can be a practice in allowing yourself space for self-compassion and grace.


In my work with clients and families, I hold sacred space for what death and grief are here to teach us.  In death and in grief there is nothing to “fix” and there is nothing to "heal." These are very normal life experiences that need to be tended to and explored as you experience your own personal journey.

I am here to help you feel safe as you begin your own personal journey. What I bring into our time together is compassion and a holy space to feel heard, held, and accompanied as you navigate what can feel like the seemingly uncertain waters of death and grief.


Death Doula / Grief Support / LGBTQ Support

I am here to accompany you when a life limiting/life changing diagnosis is given. Also, I am here to accompany you through life transitions. I hold space as you work towards integrating your life changes into your journey forward.

As a gay man, I have worked with LGBTQ+ people offering death and grief work. Being gay, I understand the uniqueness of grief that can be part of LGBTQ+ grief: Disenfranchised grief, unrecognized grief, isolation, and ambiguous loss and grief.

As a funeral celebrant, I work individually and/or with your family to help create a funeral service that is unique and personalized. Through ceremony and ritual, we can celebrate, honor, and remember your beloved who have died. Ceremony and ritual can

help begin your grief journey towards integrating your memories and your grief into who we are going forward.

Funeral Celebrant 

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 2.37.18 PM.png

When a pet goes missing or when a pet dies either by accident or when we as their guardians make the difficult decision to have life ending drugs administered (MAID), it often is excruciating. I am here to accompany you in your grief in loss, before death, and after death as you navigate the loss, death, and grief of your pet.

Read about my journey of pet loss here.

Pet Loss Support

I was born three months after my brother died. I definitely filled the empty space of my brother’s death. Because I am a replacement child, I do have awareness and understanding of this very specific journey. I will hold space as we explore your journey

as a replacement child and what this means for you as a child, now as an adult, and going forward in your life.

Replacement Child Support


"To turn away from grief is to turn away from life."

~Roshi Joan Halifax

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