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Death and Grief:
Your Personal Journey

"To turn away from grief is to turn away from life."

~Roshi Joan Halifax

​"May I be blessed in my work of service."

"May I be a blessing to whom all I serve."

~Jeremy E. Damec

Holding Sacred Space with

Awareness ~ Understanding ~ Integration

Experiencing a death or loss can feel overwhelming.
Grief is a rite of passage that will shake you and strip you bare, and it can be a practice in allowing yourself space for self-compassion and grace.

I have accompanied many on their dying and grief journey.

In my work with clients and families, I hold sacred space for what death and grief are here to teach us.  In death and in grief there is nothing to “fix” and there is nothing to "heal." These are very normal life experiences that need to be tended to and explored as you experience your own personal journey.

I am here as a companion to journey with you.

Our experiences with death and grief are as old as our humanity—as old as the Universe.  In our work, we remember and connect into the innate understanding, knowledge, and wisdom you hold within yourself as I hold space and support you in your time of dying, death, and grief.

When we are able to create a sacred space for what is unknown and Not-Known, I believe we can fully embrace our grief.  This is not always an easy journey.  As I hold a holy space,  I ask you to be open, present, and willing to experience the sometimes scary and uncomfortable feelings that can be part of grief., along with the many other feelings that are part of grief and your grief journey.

I am here to help you feel safe as you begin your own personal journey.

What I bring into our time together is compassion and a holy space to feel heard, held, and accompanied as you navigate what can feel like the seemingly uncertain waters of death and grief.


This is your journey as I accompany you.

I drop all expectations.  I am fully present with you with my heart open to receive you wherever you are in your process and your journey.  I am here to support you.

~This is my promise to you~

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Our Work Together

Awareness ~ Understanding ~ Integration

I offer services for:

  • Individuals and Couples

  • Family

  • Adolescents


  • All Cultural and Religious Communities

  • Pet Loss and Death

  • Sessions are 1 hour

  • Death doula work upon request

  • Support in creating memorial and funeral services

Your Journey

Awareness ~ Understanding ~ Integration

As you begin your journey, it is an exploration of your inner-world as much as it is your outer-world.  As we walk together, I will hold sacred space for you to explore, discover, and expand your awareness and understanding of life, death, and grief.  Through our work together, awareness, understanding, and integration of who you were before, who you are now, and the changed person you are as you journey forward will unfold in the time that is needed for your mind, body, and spirit.  
There is nothing to rush or hurry.

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