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"That Death and Grief Guy."

Compassion ~ Loving-Kindness ~ Transformation

Death and Grief Walker, Guide, and Companion

I am a death and grief walker, guide, and companion.  Since 2009, my education in Counseling Psychology and being a support and companion to the dying, the dead, and the grieving have guided me to be of service to whom all that find themselves on this part of their life journey.

My life’s calling into the world of death and grief began before I was born.  My brother Joel was born microcephalic and died 3 months before my birth.  During my mom's pregnancy for me, I experienced through her the worry, the fear, the anxiety, the stress, the death of my brother, and her grief.  I had already experienced death and grief before I came into this world.  

In my own life, death and grief have been a constant teacher allowing me opportunities for personal growth, which has not always been smooth or easy. Along with this and having been born into a grieving family, I am comfortable with death and grief, dying and grieving, and being in the space of Not-Knowing that many times is the space of death and grief. 

If you are here seeking someone to accompany you, I am here to walk with you as a companion on this part of your life journey.

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